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Tinman Creative Productions

Creative Services 

Our Creative Services

Video and Print

TCP has 10 years experience developing memorable left-brain ads that brand, inform, call-to-action and entertain. We perform a deep dive into the Client's objective and come up with some strategy options for the Client to choose from. The Client approves each benchmark throughout the development process so it is a true collaborative process.


Socially Impactful Event Planning

TCP uses its rare combination of the diverse backgrounds of its staff and its mission to remove deeply rooted social barriers to plan one-of-a-kind multicultural events. Guests leave the event feeling surprisingly hopeful for the future of human relations.



TCP can make any story interesting. We have won awards for our documentaries and we use our skills for writing Hollywood scripts to make any true or factual story engaging to the viewer. We use our knack for inspiring people's curiosity to make people tune in and continue watching.

Energize Your Video Conferences

Virtual Meetings Excitement
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