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Founder Todd Inman is listed on the All American Entertainment Speakers Bureau. A global talent booking agency.

Social Impact

 Film Producer Todd Inman originated a genre called Socially Impactful Entertainment. This genre uses comedy, drama and unscripted content to make the world a better place by shrinking barriers such as race, politics, and economics. Todd’s imagination and creativity have been partially shaped by being the first Black person to integrate his suburban elementary school. Todd speaks to groups about how entertainment can solve society’s most challenging problems. Todd is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker who leaves audiences energized.


Mental Health

Todd discusses the techniques he uses for himself that are complementary to a mental health professional’s treatment plan. Todd had a mental breakdown in 2005 that destroyed the life he had built. It was revealed he had an undiagnosed mental health condition. He recovered in an exceptional way after treatment. He recently appeared as a guest panelist at the University Pennsylvania’s ABCT symposium titled, “Promoting Better, Equitable Access to Evidence-Based Mental Health Services in a Community Behavioral Health System.”

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